Shapiro Delay

Shapiro Delay merged with Lorentz Gamma

This is an extension of my "quasi-Lorentz Derived from Volume" from Ref. 1. The Shapiro Delay idea started with the 200 microsecond radar bounce delay off of Venus. That was explained by the Sun's presence at nearly a grazing angle for the radar beam. General relativity was used to calculate that time delay from the Sun's gravity.

My novel derivation of the Shapiro effect has split the Lorentz Gamma into two factors:

gamma = chasing velocity / flat velocity

chasing velocity = c+v+S / (1 - sqrt(v^2/c^2))

flat velocity = c+v

where S is from Gravity Volume Theory, S = Speed of Space. The S is calculated from the Sun's momentum of free space divided by the area of the Sun's sphere at R radius.

S = N*p / A

p = 7.000*10^-37 meter^3/second, Universal Constant, baryon momentum of free space

N = Number of baryons in Sun

A = 4 pi R^2

R = distance from radar beam to Sun, closest approach

This formula provides a time dilation of 285us for the radar bounce from Venus, for a grazing angle with the Sun. Any number of intervening stars can be added to the formula to simulate a star cluster, using the S variable. The derivation is independent of previous ones by Lorentz and Einstein, since it uses the gravity volume theory directions for time and space, flowing radially from and to baryons.
Ref. 1


Part Two

I ran the nubers for a Venus radar signal Shapiro delay and here are the results. Three tests were calculated for beams that graze the Sun at three distances: R, 1.5R. and 2R. The radius of the Sun is R

Radius and delay table
1.0*R 417 microseconds
1.5*R 185 microseconds
2.0*R 104 microseconds

The formula for modified gamma is simplified if v is near zero, as shown next. v is the velocity of Venus as it recedes from Earth at 163 meters per second as it passes behind the Sun.

modified gamma = chasing velocity / flat velocity

modified gamma = (c+v+S) /((c+v)(1 - sqrt(v^2/c^2)))

modified gamma =~  (c+S)/c

Where S = Np/A

Sun has N= 1.188*10^57 and A is 6.084*10^18 square meters for radar passing near the Sun's center at a distance of R. p is the momentum of free space into each baryon, a universal constant that is basic to gravity and electromagnetism. Planck's constant is based on p and common constant factors G, k, m, q, and the Bohr radius.

Conclusion: Success comes easily for a correct theory. The Gravity Volume Theory describes the way reality works, without needing to generalize in preparation for all wrong theories of the cause of gravity. Mass does not cause gravity, it is proportional to something that causes gravity. October 5, 2016

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